You live in Africa and have been waiting to benefit from the great value online shopping has to offer. You have always wondered what it would be like to have all stores in town at your finger tips; or maybe you actually had no idea you could pick and choose the goods and services you needed without living your couch. But then again you might be one of those who get frustrated because you have to beg a relative who is among the one percent most privileged people in Africa detaining a credit card to help you buy this long time coveted gadget. You could also be part of the one percent most privileged but your credit card gets rejected on most websites out there because you happen to live in Africa.

Wait no more, Get Online.


What is Ajaloo?

Ajaloo is a central platform where local businesses across all cities, towns and villages in Africa can reach out and meet customers; Ajaloo allows businesses and customers to take advantage of the ever buzzing and evolving new technologies around mobile and internet network in order to connect both parties.

Ajaloo’s first city of operation is Abidjan in Ivory Coast. The short goal is to expand the marketplace to more cities in Africa such as Dakar, Libreville, Accra, Yaoundé …


What you can do on Ajaloo

  • Browse through the best hotels, restaurants, goods and services providers in town
  • Get great deals on any type of goods and services you need everyday
  • Manage your Ajaloo Credits directly from the e-wallet attached to your account on the platform
  • Safely complete online payment transactions to secure your deals
  • Join the social change by participating in blog and forum discussions about what you think is important in your city


What about Ajaloo Credits?

Thanks to Ajaloo Credits, shopping online has never been this easy. When you sign up on Ajaloo’s platform, you automatically have an e-wallet that will allow you to store your cash in form of credits and use it when you need it. To find out how to recharge your Ajaloo Credits, click HERE


Our Mission:

Getting African people and businesses online.


Our Core Values:

  • Community: We believe that empowering local economies in Africa goes a long way in improving the communities’ quality of life.
  • Empathy: We put people first. Our customers come first, not because they pay the bills, but because they are people.
  • Synergy: By bringing businesses and customers together we create an amazing impact not only at the local but national, regional and continental level. Now this is what we call SYNERGY!
  • Commitment: We spare no effort when it comes to generating good value to our customers


So what are you waiting for? If you do not have an Ajaloo account yet, sign up here. You can visit out Help page for a step by step guide on how to enjoy the Ajaloo fun.

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